26 Advantage of Owning an Apartment with Merlin X, Tangra Kolkata
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Advantage of Owning an Apartment with Merlin X, Tangra Kolkata

Advantage of Owning an Apartment with Merlin X, Tangra Kolkata

More often people used to think, “Why buy an apartment when you can rent for less”? Off late, but they have started realizing the importance of having their own place. Thanks to the pandemic! The salary cut and the bizarre behavior of house owners has definitely changed their mindset. Having your own place to stay is a blessing in every sense, especially in a city like Kolkata. Owning a 2 or 3 BHK apartments in the New Downtown Merlin X, Tangra Kolkata is definitely a big hit among the average Indian people that dream of living a good life! Wise people always choose Merlin X, Tangra Kolkata for its affordability, convenience, and comfort of living.

Just for your knowledge, how much do you pay for the monthly rent - 8k, 12k or 20k? You will be surprised to know that the monthly EMI of an apartment would be a thousand or two more than your monthly rent amount! So, why are you paying for a place that can never be yours and anytime soon you can be asked to vacant it instead of paying for a place that is all yours for lifetime? Don't you think you are the victim of your own thought process?

Homes mean a place of memories that stay with you for the lifetime. Above all, you can have square feets where you can breathe on your own terms, move freely, and for that you won’t have to take permission from somebody else. Owning an apartment not only instills a sense of great satisfaction but also accomplishes you as a successful individual. Keeping the price rise in mind, you should now look to own a place that is all yours and not to pay rent anymore.

Here are a few advantages of choosing your new address in the Merlin X, New Downtown of Kolkata, take a look:

  • Development of the New Downtown: With Indian cities getting smarter, you can expect more from Kolkata. With the infrastructure boost and superfast connectivity, living a lavish life has become reality. In addition to this, the plethora of options from leading real estate companies like Merlin X in Kolkata is attracting more investments to the New Downtown.
  • Availability of apartments in central locations: Gone are the days of digging deeper to get a good apartment and of course finding a reliable real estate company. The real estate boom in Kolkata in recent years has made apartments available for the common people and opened the door for new possibilities. With everything available on the Internet, now people can visualize the designs, plans, and everything includes, using their smart devices - so everything is transparent. The residential structures in New Downtown have become remarkably good in terms of pricing and amenities. You are now available with really good apartments in centrally located areas.
  • Ultra-modern amenities: With work from home has become the new norm, having a place that is no less than an office space with amenities to watch out is fun. Isn’t it? The best part of owning an apartment in the New Downtown of Kolkata is, literally there will be no dull day as you are surrounded by a number of life-enhancing features. Specially built gym with ultramodern equipment, nature escaped pathways for a soothing walk, playing areas for kids, park, indoor gaming halls, and swimming pool - you couldn’t have asked for more!
  • Welcome to the future of living: With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, homes have become smarter & safer as well. Welcome to the future of living with automation. Equipped with state-of-that-art modern equipment, homes have become more than just a place to stay. The technological innovation has not only made handling our day-to-day chores easy, but also ensured a safer living. From controlling the electrical devices to keeping an eye on what’s happening around when you are not home, and much more - home automation has certainly made apartment styled living more convenient & secure.


Real estate biggies like Merlin X, Kolkata are incorporating automation to add more values to life. So that people living in the apartments can go to their bed or travel out of the city, knowing their loved ones and all the belongings are in the safe hands.

  • Affordability is the key: To an average Indian, money matters the most - it’s a fact! We all are battling it out against an invisible enemy (Corona virus) and investing in an apartment could unsettle your financial harmony, especially at a time where the market is uncertain. Thus, the pricing structure of 2 or 3 BHK apartments were kept budget-friendly with easy down payment & EMI options. Less paperwork, zero hassle.
  • The future demand for the properties: The rising demand for the properties in Newtown lead to a greater chance of doubling your investment from 5 years down the line. The apartment you buy in 2021 for a certain amount may see an unbelievable price jump in 2026, what did that mean to you? You can sell your apartment for a whopping amount, even before clearing the EMIs. This is definitely a wise investment that guarantees a great return on investment.
  • Carefully crafted spaces: Interior has become the must for a good lifestyle. A mix of modern & aesthetic designs with a bit of personalized touch makes them offer you more space and fewer complications. The best part of living in Downtown is, all the apartments are designed, using nature-friendly sustainable materials that safeguard people from the deteriorating environment. Because when you are with nature, nature is with you.
  • Choosing nature over crowd: After dealing with the mundane work-life, everybody wants to have a peaceful stay at the end of the day, where they can spend some quality time with their friends & family, don’t you? All you need is nature's beauty that is far away from the hustle bustle of city life. New Downtown offers the perfect setting for a beautiful home. A thoughtfully built apartment at the prime location gives you a sense of completeness. After all, the more you feel good about yourself that reflects in your life.

For example, Merlin X in Kolkata apartments are designed in such a way that presents you nature’s best, where you wake up to some of the mesmerizing views, realizing that life is beautiful!

Buying an apartment in New Downtown Kolkata is an investment of a lifetime. So, do make sure you leave no stone unturned to make it the best deal of your life. A bit of research along with the transparency in the real estate dealing will pay in your best interest.

Put simply, being one of the most sought after real estate companies in Kolkata, Merlin X has made a landmark by creating some of the world-class apartments in New Downtown, raising the standard of living to a great extent. Each project completed by us till date has its own identity and stands strong with great pride. If you are planning to buy your own apartment, then you couldn’t have found a better choice than Merlin X. Get the keys to your dream home!


You can check our projects at: https://orimarkproperties.com/merlin-x/index.html


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