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Why Bhubaneswar Should Be Your First Choice for Property Investment in India?

Why Bhubaneswar Should Be Your First Choice for Property Investment in India?

Are you still on the fence about property investment? If so, you might be missing out on the incredible boom in the Indian real estate sector. Now is the opportune moment to explore into this multi-billion industry, with Bhubaneswar emerging as a prime destination for property investors. In this blog, we'll discuss the key factors that make Bhubaneswar an attractive choice for property investment, focusing on a new range of luxury flats and apartments for sale, commercial properties investment options, residential properties investment opportunities. Take the new step into your real estate investment strategy in Bhubaneswar, and get the chance to maximize your property investment return in India. Having a wide array of residential and commercial property investment opportunities available in Bhubaneswar, including 2/3 BHK apartments and flats in Patia, luxury apartments in Patia and nearby areas, it’s wise to choose the best properties options that best suit your real estate investment budget.

Bhubaneswar's Growth Matrix

Bhubaneswar has catapulted itself into the echelons of top Tier-2 cities in India, offering a unique blend of capital city advantages and a robust state government. The city's remarkable growth potential is underlined by progressive economic development, surging infrastructure projects, affordable living costs, well-connected road networks, and enticing property valuations. It's no wonder that Bhubaneswar has become a hotspot for real estate investors, with one of India's largest real estate consulting company, Orimark Properties, aiding investors in finding their perfect property.

Why Smart City Bhubaneswar is Ideal for Real Estate Investment?

Bhubaneswar’s emergence as a smart city, coupled with a considerable price differential when compared to developed counterparts, positions it as a strategically wise choice for real estate investors.

1. Smart City Initiatives Driving Expansion: Bhubaneswar's designation as a smart city has been a catalyst for its real estate boom. The city's commitment to smart infrastructure, sustainable development, and enhanced livability has attracted both attention and investments. With a plethora of new initiatives and opportunities unfolding, the real estate market in Bhubaneswar is witnessing significant growth, drawing the focus of builders and RERA-registered developers keen on capitalizing on the city's potential.

2. Regulatory Reforms and Builder Opportunities: The Odisha Development Authority (Planning and Building Standards) Rules, 2020, have ushered in a new era for builders and real estate developers in Bhubaneswar. These reforms provide a broader spectrum of options by allowing vertical constructions up to seven times higher than previous regulations. This not only expands the city's skyline but also offers homebuyers a diverse range of choices. The proactive stance of the regulatory board has injected vitality into Bhubaneswar's realty sector, making it an attractive destination for those seeking strategic investments.

3. Tier 2 Cities: A Sound Investment Choice: Investing in Tier 2 cities, such as Bhubaneswar, presents a compelling alternative due to reasonable returns on investment. The demand for quality housing in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities has witnessed a notable surge, driven by the increasing preference for comfortable and tranquil lifestyles over the hustle and bustle of Tier 1 cities. Bhubaneswar's real estate market, with its affordability and growth potential, emerges as a promising option for those looking for stability and long-term value in their investments.

4. Real Estate as a Stable and Long-Term Asset: Amidst the volatility of stock markets worldwide, Bhubaneswar's real estate market stands out as a stable and long-term asset. With home loan interest rates as low as 6.65% per annum, the real estate sector becomes an appealing choice, offering tangible benefits in the form of property ownership. Despite the challenges faced by the housing segment in the past year, real estate in Bhubaneswar has shown resilience, making it an attractive avenue for those seeking stability in their investment portfolios.

5. An Abode in the Hometown: The global pandemic has underscored the importance of having a place to call home in one's hometown. Bhubaneswar, with its appreciating real estate rates, not only serves as a connection to one's roots but also represents a valuable asset. The city, equipped with essential infrastructure and amenities comparable to larger metro cities, offers the added advantage of lower real estate ownership costs.

Economic Growth: The Driving Force Behind Bhubaneswar's Real Estate Boom

Bhubaneswar, often referred to as the 'Temple City of India,' has transcended its historical significance to emerge as a powerhouse of economic growth, particularly in sectors like Information Technology (IT), mining, and education. The city's economic landscape has undergone a transformative journey, making it a focal point for investors eyeing lucrative opportunities in the real estate sector. Come and explore a wide range of real estate investment opportunities in Bhubaneswar that gives good range of returns. The real estate investors can consider to invest in residential and commercial properties, 2,3 and 4 BHK flats for sale in Bhubaneswar, warehouse and logistic space for rent in Bhubaneswar as per their real estate investment budget.

IT Revolution: At the forefront of Bhubaneswar's economic surge is the Information Technology sector. The city boasts prominent IT parks, including Infocity 1 & 2, which have become the nucleus for major Indian companies. TCS, Infosys, IBM, Capgemini, Wipro, and PWC are among the industry giants that have established their presence, fueling exponential growth in the IT domain. The flourishing IT sector not only generates substantial employment but also serves as a catalyst for the city's real estate demand.

Deloitte’s Entry: The recent entry of global IT giant Deloitte has further elevated Bhubaneswar's standing in the corporate world. Deloitte's presence not only adds prestige to the city but also amplifies employment opportunities, attracting skilled professionals from diverse fields. As a consequence, there is an increased demand for residential spaces to accommodate the influx of industries and a growing population, setting the stage for a robust real estate market.

Diversification in Industries: Bhubaneswar's economic vibrancy extends beyond the IT sector. The city is a hub for mining and education, contributing to a diversified economic landscape. The mining sector, in particular, has been a significant driver of economic growth, with numerous mining companies establishing their operations in and around the city. The coexistence of multiple thriving industries creates a dynamic environment, fostering a resilient real estate market. A wide range of diversification in industries brings new range of hope for real estate investors to consider commercial properties and Gown space for rent in Bhubaneswar as their alternative real estate investment choice.

Population Growth and Urbanization: The economic boom in Bhubaneswar has not only attracted businesses but has also led to an increase in population. As professionals and families migrate to the city in pursuit of employment opportunities and a better quality of life, the demand for residential properties experiences an upward trajectory. The city's urbanization, coupled with economic growth, sets the stage for a real estate market poised for sustained expansion.


Bhubaneswar's real estate market is on an upward trajectory, offering transparency, steady growth, and attractive investment opportunities. With lower average prices, projected evolution, and enticing EMI rates, Bhubaneswar stands out as an unquestionably attractive destination for any prospective homebuyer. If you are considering property investment in India, don't miss the chance to explore Bhubaneswar's real estate landscape with the guidance of the best property consultants in the temple city – Orimark Properties. It's time to seize the opportunities and make Bhubaneswar your first choice for property investment. Accelerate your properties investment portfolio in India with residential and commercial properties investment in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.


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