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Eleven Things to Know Before Renting a Commercial Space in Bhubaneswar

Eleven Things to Know Before Renting a Commercial Space in Bhubaneswar

As your business flourish, you need a substantial space to store the raw materials. Renting a warehouse becomes essential and tantamount to your business's success. However, the godown space and commercial space in Bhubaneswar should resonate with your business requirements. For this reason, we have curated an article underlining a few things that, as a businessperson, you should ponder before selecting a commercial property for rent in Bhubaneswar. Finding the right commercial space for rent in Bhubaneswar becomes more challenging now and business owners are searching for commercial space with better communication and transportation facilities. Let’s explore the insights that business owners supposed to consider for taking any commercial space in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

  1. Start searching for commercial properties in Bhubaneswar

The internet has opened a galore of information to users. You can explore the options and assimilate them (like location, layout, available facilities and other details) and then start evaluating the alternatives. A commercial space with better communication and transport facilities will gives more advantages to business growth. 

  1. Assess the rental terms

After you have narrowed down the choices, assess the contractual terms of the service provider. You must comprehend the terms carefully before signing the contract. For example, find out whether the rental price will increase if the contract is renewed or terms related to the termination of the lease agreement. The commercial space with different locations has various rental terms and the business owners need to review it carefully while finalizing any commercial property for rent Bhubaneswar

  1. Location is vital

If you want to avoid business fiascos, selecting a rental warehouse at a suitable location with convenient transportation is important. For example, if your company carries maritime shipments, your rental warehouse should be in proximity to seaports so that loading and unloading become a doodle.  Another pertinent point to look out for is the selected warehouse should have easy access to public transport. Excellent transportation will satisfy the employees and reduce employee attrition, thus lowering employee training costs. 

  1. Think about what you are going to store

When renting warehouse space, you must consider what you are storing. It entails the item's dimensions, the quantity you have stored, and seasonal fluctuations in the inventory. Once you have answered the questions, you will get a clear picture of how much square footage area you have to stack the items. 

  1. Amenities that it provides

Who wants to jump through the loops to park the car or compromise the safety of their raw materials? Well, the poorly laced warehouse can stumble the business progress and tread its growth. Hence, a good warehouse in Bhubaneswar should have amenities that address all the challenges. 

  • Parking Lots

A good warehouse should have an in-house parking lot where employees can park their vehicles. It should accommodate the requirements of your business. For example, if your company relies on any commercial vehicles, the parking lot should be wide enough to accommodate it. 

  • Loading Docks

Ensure that the warehouse for rent that you are hiring has loading docks or areas exclusively to serve your business. There are different kinds of loading points, each one offering its benefits. Let’s explore the points while taking any warehouse or godown space for rent in Bhubaneswar, India.

Open Dock- A rental warehouse with an open dock doesn't cover the warehouse area; hence, it is unsuitable when the weather turns topsy-turvy.

Depressed dock- Some warehouses have depressed docks or slopes to transfer the materials. However, it might cause obstacles while transferring the raw materials to the buildings.

Flush dock-It is the most popular loading area that helps forklifts and huge trucks to deliver the products. 

Enclosed dock- this loading area provides protective cover to the loading trucks. It safeguards your goods from acclimatizing to weather conditions and helps maintain the desired temperature. However, a specialized warehouse is more expensive than a conventional warehouse. Also, you have to ensure that enclosed docks have appropriate ventilation.

Sawtooth loading area- the saw tooth loading areas are employed in the warehouse where space constraints exist. The docks help in manoeuvring easy loading and unloading of goods.

  • HVAC

Another amenity that you should look for is if the building has HVAC. If it has, every owner is responsible for installing its unit. If it is installed, ensure that it is properly maintained because the neglected unit can cause harm and can damage the raw materials. Before signing a rental contract, ensure that the landlord has the HVAC unit inspected, repaired, and certified and see if they are working in good condition by a certified technician. 

  1. Safety services

Regardless of whatever loading area you zero in, you must consider the collision protection devices that a warehouse has to mitigate the risk of moving the products. The warehouse should follow safety protocols and have safety tools like steel bars and bumpers to make the inmates feel safe. 

  1. Electrical needs

Before taking a warehouse on rent, consider if it has enough electrical outlets for different power devices, including electric vehicles of the factory. Ask the warehouse owner about the electrical supply to ensure it meets your needs. You can even hire an electrical engineer to evaluate the electrical connections of the warehouse property on lease. They would tell if the building has amperage to prevent sudden blow-ups and accidents. 

  1. Negotiate the terms and conditions

Entering the warehouse lease agreement is a long-term commitment that usually takes 1-3 years. Before taking a warehouse on rent, you should apprise the terms and conditions, specifications and pricing policies. Sometimes, the property requires renovations, so you must discuss it with the landlord and the expenses you might incur. 

  1. Plan ahead

Every business thrives on growing and expanding, but its cost is very severe. Therefore, careful planning at the initial stages can help you to save money for the future. While taking any warehouse or office space for rent in Bhubaneswar for rent the business owners need to make the proper and effective planning that the business will accommodate with.

  1. You should not go alone to inspect the warehouse.

Unless you have money to burn, we suggest you not visit alone. Hire an experienced broker to search for a warehouse or commercial property that fits your budget and needs. The tenant you select should have a good reputation to help you achieve the best deal. 

  1. Plan for your finances

Since it is a big deal, thinking about finance is important. An unorganized financial mindset can shoot up your business expenses, thus slowing down your life's pace. Find a warehouse that fits well with your budget.


Finding a warehouse or commercial property for sale or residential property for rent in Bhubaneswar is equally taxing. A small mistake can hamper your growth. Since many finances are involved, hiring an experienced real estate consultant in Bhubaneswar to help you find a commercial property within your budget is essential. Orimark Properties is the one stop solution for residential and commercial properties for sale and rent in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. We have professional property experts who can delight you with their property experience and technical knowledge for buying and selling the properties in Bhubaneswar. 



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