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Key Points to Consider While Renting a Commercial Space in Bhubaneswar

Key Points to Consider While Renting a Commercial Space in Bhubaneswar

Are you ready to launch your own business? If YES, the first step is choosing an affordable commercial space for rent. Luckily, if you’ve picked Bhubaneswar as the city to start your business, you can get some amazing rental options at the most budget-friendly prices. 

Considering a commercial space for rent in Bhubaneswar isn’t just about getting a place to run a business but it is an investment. Getting the right space at the right price on the right terms will make your business more productive, ease recruitment, and make business more attractive - all at an affordable price range. 

There are numerous points to consider while renting an office space but the following play a pivotal role in the process. 


Start by paring down your choices of commercial space concerning the type of business you are planning to run. If you already have a big team in Bhubaneswar, ensure that the space is easily accessible. And if you don't have a team yet, then think of a location that has potential talent and customers available. Keep other things in mind such as the rental property’s safety and seclusion, proximity to restaurants or coffee shops, and if it also offers a godown space for rent in Bhubaneswar


Once you’ve picked the location, consider your budget. Make sure you have enough budget kept aside for your rented space. Though Bhubaneswar offers a huge range of office spaces to satisfy your needs and budget, make sure you do not ignore the transparency of the renting concept. Don't choose an office space that’ll put you in debt and stunt your growth. Prime locations are expensive. If you are a start-up, opt for mid or low-price range commercial properties until your business is up and running. Lastly, consider the facilities like cleaning, phone, data, electricity, parking, etc. as that would be like a package to your space rent.


Commercial space is an investment and can yield great profits if done right! Spending some extra money on an accessible rented space will prove to be a boon for your business and your team. While looking for a business space, think of the convenience of your resources over yourself. 

Look for POSITIVE answers to the following questions to realize that you have cracked a great deal!

  • Does your office have availability of low to mid-rise flats for rent in Bhubaneswar around it?
  • Is the rented space easy to access via public transport?
  • Can the space be easily located by clients and employees?
  • Is parking available for cars and bikes? 
  • Can the space be accessed by differently-abled people? 


The good ambience attracts clients and keeps employees HAPPY, resulting in high productivity! Also, visit the location in daylight and at night to know whether your business fits with the neighbourhood or not?

Enhance the vibe of the space with vibrantly coloured walls, modern interiors, potted plants, comfortable sofas, inspiring posters, high-definition equipment, etc. These factors affect the perception of your employees and client and complement the appearance of the property as well.


Know your inclusions when opting for your first office space for rent in Bhubaneswar. Also, make sure the provisions are clearly spelt out in the lease. Don’t go with words, rather go for officially stated words in your lease. 

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