42 Six Things to Know Before Selling Property in Bhubaneswar
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Six Things to Know Before Selling Property in Bhubaneswar

Six Things to Know Before Selling Property in Bhubaneswar

Selling a property is a challenging decision. Sometimes, you need to detach yourself emotionally to evaluate which is the right property for you and your family. Buying and selling the property in Bhubaneswar needs professional expertise and it’s always suggested to consults with property experts. Let's look at six things that you need to know before selling the property.

  1. What return will you be getting

The first thing you should check before selling the property is whether the house will help you earn good returns. You can check the monthly rentals and resale value of the property that your neighbourhood property is fetching to confirm the same.

  1. Age of the property

One key determinant that impacts the flats for sale in Bhubaneswar is the property's age. Whether your property is old or new, and will it go under redevelopment? All these factors will impact the property's value. If your property is in a good society, with good maintenance like a lift, surroundings are good; you will get high returns. However, if the house is old and society is not maintaining it properly, and you want to sell it quickly, you can contact Orimark Properties experts. They will help you get the best price for flats in Bhubaneswar.

  1. Evaluate the market value of the property

To sell the property, you need to know the real estimated price of the same. Taking the DIY route for selling flats in Bhubaneswar will take a lot of time. You might have to talk to the society manager who will check the sales records of the society to provide you with an answer for the same. If it is a bungalow, you might even need to visit the registration department to know the flat's resale value or check the listing on different websites.

If you don't want to plunge into these nuances, hiring an expert real estate consultant is better. The property consultant will provide details about the society's neighbourhood and your expected price. These property consultants have a large network and will provide you with good advice and a fair price.

  1. Check all the property documents.

Before hiring consultants to sell your property, you should check all the property documents. Ensure that the documents are in place. If you are still paying a loan for the property, make sure that the loan document is available. Apart from that, keep the bank documents and other original papers convenient. All these documents will ensure fair transactions.

  1. The time frame for selling the property

If you plan to sell the property through the property consultant, ask for the estimate and how much time it will take to sell. You can also verify the neighbourhood records for the same. Hiring a good property consultant is necessary because it will lower the time frame and help you to resell the property. 

  1. Recognize the genuine buyer

Recognizing the genuine buyer is essential if you want to sell residential properties in Bhubaneswar otherwise, you will be wasting your energy in showing your property to sundry buyers. Accumulate as much information as possible about the buyer, like their occupation status, employer details, income, family background, current place of residence, etc. If you are unsure of all these aspects, it is better to hire a Property Consultant from the Orimark Properties. Their property experts will research the buyer and do homework before initiating the sale process. Once they are satisfied with the background check, they will review the amount the buyer is willing to pay, and they will also take some amount in advance as a token amount to safeguard your property. Usually, the buyer interested in buying the property will pay a substantial token amount.

These are some points on how to sell the property, but do you know what necessitates the need for hiring genuine and trusted property consultants in Bhubaneswar?

While hiring a property expert for new flats in Bhubaneswar is not required, it is suggested to hire them because they will help you in many ways.

  • Complete the paperwork and ensure the transaction goes smoothly.
  • Help to clean the house and click photos to make you resell the property in the shortest period.
  • They will tell you unique points about flats for sale in Bhubaneswar and help you to market the property efficiently.
  • They will help you to get a good price for your property including flats apartments etc.
  • They will verify the buyer's home loan documents with the bank.
  • Arrange MOU and other papers and ensure that it is fully signed.
  • They will help you to get the token amount for the flat and apartments.
  • They will ensure that all the details are mentioned in the agreement for sale.
  • They will also look into registration and stamp amount that is paid before the sale agreement is signed.
  • They will resolve all the queries discreetly.
  • They will check and very the current ORERA procedure and rules for buying/selling the apartments and flats in Bhubaneswar.

The work is not limited to selling your property; they will ensure that the tasks go smoothly. 

Why Hire Orimark Property Consultants?

Selling the home is not a cakewalk and it is an emotional decision. But once you have decided to sell the home, many questions might come to your mind. The best way to put a full stop to your thoughts is to hire Orimark Property consultants. Our company helps you to buy and sell flats in Bhubaneswar. We have a team that makes selling a home easier. If the home is unoccupied and you cannot search for a reliable tenant, you can call Orimark Properties. The rent unit will helps you to rent properties or apartments in Bhubaneswar that best match the budget and locations.



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