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The Reason behind the Rising of Intellectual Property Frauds in India

The Reason behind the Rising of Intellectual Property Frauds in India

Investors always prefer steady return and the way reality market is booming, it has become the first choice for the investors. However, some investors fail to get the benefits stated by reality agents. There is a rising number of property fraud are now in news. However, if investors will be aware, the fraud can be checked.

Here are possible reasons behind the property fraud.

1. False promises

There is an increasing rate of competition in real estate industry. Builders try to take advantage from this situation. They try to lure the investors with flashy promises. There are different advertisements with false promises those will hamper the investors. There are hundreds of crores of rupees are being washed from the investor’s wallet. There are some builders who have hidden term and conditions. They will make a huge loss to the investor latter.

2. Hefty rental return

Most of the builders publish flashy advertisement regarding their projects. They showcase their projects with fixed rental income from the properties. Some builders also go extra mile by showcasing maximum returns with their investment. But, in reality, they do suffer from their own investment. Therefore, it would be great to come with right research before going on hefty investment. 

3. Fraud title 

Title fraud happens with both sellers and developers. There are a number of cases have been recorded those are about scammers and fraud title. In this way, investors do loss a huge amount of money. Therefore, it would be great to come with a valid verification regarding the title and its disputes. There is a related genre or real estate fraud where the buyers purchase their dream home by spending hefty amount of money but latter they found the title is disputed. Therefore, it would be the right way to make all these things possible.

4. Project delays

Each and every projects have certain deadline. They need to be completed within that time. Sometimes, builders delay the project and that causes massive loss to the investors. Therefore, it would be great to consider all these things before going to invest in these projects. If the developer is delaying deliberately, it would be the biggest thing that will impact on the revenue.

5. Fake plans

There are certain norms for each city and for property dealers. Sometimes, these developers deliver fake plans those will cause huge loss for the investors. Therefore, it would be great to come with certain plans those will not only come with high return but also they should safely drive their revenue.



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