34 4 Myths You Should Not Follow While Purchasing Residential Flats in Sundarpada
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4 Myths You Should Not Follow While Purchasing Residential Flats in Sundarpada

4 Myths You Should Not Follow While Purchasing Residential Flats in Sundarpada

There are innumerable sayings, myths, and misconceptions that are often present in the real estate industry. These things are just spread through ‘word of mouth’, and buyers/sellers believe them blindly.

As you’re buying your 2/3 apartments in Sundarpada, one small mistake can burn your pockets, and your investment will be in vain. As you’re planning to purchase flats in Sundarpada, you might have already checked out some options.

But, if you fall into the trap of these myths, you might regret it for your whole life. So, which are those myths that you shouldn’t believe ever?

So, without further ado, we’re mentioning the myths you shouldn’t believe while purchasing residential flats in Sundarpada.

Renting Is Better Than Owning A House

In the real estate world, many people believe that renting is far cheaper than owning a property. Some buyers also believe that renting is good, and some prefer purchasing the property. Well, the decision of buying or renting depends on multiple factors like your budget and how long you’re planning to live in the property.

For instance, renting is better if you're planning to live in Sundarpada just for work purposes because you’ll leave this locality within some months or years. On the other hand, if you’re planning to live for a longer period and are willing to invest your hard-earned money, purchasing 2 or 3 BHK flats in Sundarpada would be a wiser decision.

The Maintenance Costs Are Expensive

Another myth is that maintenance and repair costs are really expensive. Suppose you’re living on rent and some repairs have to be made, the landlord would be responsible for it. Whereas, when you’re purchasing any residential flat, you’re responsible for the maintenance and repairs.

Yes, home maintenance and repair are expensive if you don’t invest in the smart solution. The smart solution is buying a house warranty that protects your sweet home from all the mishaps. The house warranties save a huge chunk of money for the homeowners.

Therefore, maintenance doesn’t have to be costly if you’ve already purchased a home warranty for your house.

You Need A Big Down Payment To Purchase A Flat

Many real estate companies very often promote this myth. It’s not mandatory to have a big downpayment to purchase 1 or 2 BHK flats in Sundarpada. According to the overall price of your chosen flat, you can apply for a housing loan of up to 80-90%.

Thanks to the government and banks that have designed numerous housing loan programs that are most suitable for first-time buyers. You definitely don’t need a big down payment, just maintain a good credit score and get the lowest interest rates. Many nationalized banks and financial institutions are providing housing loan by considering the affordable housing projects and it’s requirements.

The Builder or Contractor Doesn’t Matter While Buying the House

In the real estate world, the buyers want the best possible flats on a limited budget, but they aren’t interested in the builder. If the builder is shady and not customer-centric, you’ll be in trouble soon. Nowadays, many builders are promising a lot more to customers with their property projects and assure for the great returns, however it does not happen always. Thus, while purchasing residential flats, check the builder’s background and think twice before making any agreement and payment.

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