4 The Latest Fad of Theme-based Residential Spaces
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The Latest Fad of Theme-based Residential Spaces

The Latest Fad of Theme-based Residential Spaces

Having a theme-based ambience is now a typical affair for many home buyers. It has been gaining a lot of attention lately since customers’ taste is shifting to architectural design while other facets like luxurious clubs, swimming pool, gym etc have taken a backseat.  With good amount of global lifestyle exposure, today’s urban Indian home buyers prefer classy themes over any other thing.

Some of the architectural designs which have been trending are Roman, Egyptian, Arabic, Spanish, Mediterranean and Moroccan. To add a unique look to their residential projects, many developers are keenly taking up the European renaissance designs for the properties in the Indian real estate sector. Designs are customized according to the buyer’s needs and interest.

There are numerous reasons why Indians are switching to theme based projects. One of the main reason is it provides a sense liveliness along with a feel of ancient era, contemporary styles and latest facilities. Everyone loves to live in style!

Many well-renowned developers are increasingly coming up with such projects in India and catering to the needs of the high income buyers. Developers are pumping their money into themed townships.

Today Bhubaneswar, the temple city is one of the smart cities of India and surely everything is changing about it. Not only with smart city development projects to smart roads, the real estate sector is gradually improving too. You can clearly see the rise of theme based housing projects here as well.  

Covent Garden, Phulnakhra near DPS Kalinga

Premium residential bungalow with a slice of England based architecture in the heart of Odisha.

Falcon Crest, Shyampur

Well-planned spacious residential apartment with contemporary design amidst sprawling greenery.   

 Z-One, Raghunathpur  

Exclusive and one of the grandest residential project in Odisha with modern and abstract theme of international standard with plethora of outdoor and indoor games and a convenience shopping centre.

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