5 An ideal Place to Live: Independent Home or Apartment
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An ideal Place to Live: Independent Home or Apartment

An ideal Place to Live: Independent Home or Apartment

An ideal Place to Live: Independent Home or Apartment

This is quite a tough call perhaps the most common dilemma for a home buyer whether to opt for an independent home or apartment.

Let’s have an insight on how to deal in such case by looking into some pointers.

  1. Security – Apartments provide a high sense of security. For example, 24x7 gated communities where, guards are constantly watching over the place. This maintains a safe and peaceful atmosphere around the premises. In case of an independent home, hiring of a security guard can add up to more monthly expenditures.
  1. Amenities and Services- Nowadays most of apartment projects offer many amenities and services to make your living hassle-free and even comfortable like power back, water supply, gas provision and leisure facilities like swimming pools, gymnasium, parks, basketball court, tennis court and such. These services and amenities are for sure hard to get in an independent home, for which you may have to find external sources.  
  1. Resale Value- Apartments are in high demand across major cities today, even in smaller towns and cities, many buyers are choosing flats over individual houses because of their amenities and services. This again proves that in the future apartments tend to have higher resale value when compared to an independent home.
  1.  Securing home loans- Many apartment projects have approvals from lenders, which make it easier to secure home loans. But for an independent home, there has to be thorough check up and review of the applicant before availing home loans.
  1. Maintenance and Utility charges- Since apartments have clubhouse, parking lots and common areas; you will have to spend additional charges upon these, whereas for an independent home you will not incur miscellaneous costs such as maintenance and utility charges.
  1. Community- Unlike flats, in an individual house you will not be asked to maintain certain noise level or there is no disturbance from your neighbors. You have the full freedom to enjoy your own space. However, in an apartment you will have a chance to celebrate festivals with a group of people coming from different communities.

All in all, before finalizing your ideal place to live in, just give a thought on your preferences and requirements.



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